iLab-learn smart kitchen

iLab-learn is part of Newcastle University’s school of Education Communication and Language Sciences (ECLS). We were commissioned to build a smart kitchen for them which would be capable of supporting a platform for web-based technologies, pervasive computing and situated interaction. This has been integrated into their programme of technology enhanced learning and now the Lab has a fully functioning kitchen within the space to join the multi-user pen-tables and learning environment cubicle we designed and made. The kitchen has rfid’s embedded into the surfaces, HD screens embedded behind plexiglas walls and a multi touch surface combined to work with one of the screens. Have a look at this link to see it in action. The project has met with great success and an EU grant of €400K has been obtained to develop English, German, Spanish, Italian, Finnish and Catalan versions. Professor Paul Seedhouse sheds more light on the project in this article.