North Exhibition Services has a very broad skill base and can take on small scale fabrication jobs for clients, or on-site fabrication of plinths, shelves, podium or dias construction or lecturns. We can also build crates and transit frames to order based on Tate specification.

In 2005 we built Workplace Gallery in a shop space in what was the old ‘Get Carter’ car park in Gateshead.

We designed and built the ‘Ambient Kitchen’ for Newcastle University Culture lab which provided a platform for research into pervasive computing helping dementia sufferers.

We built and installed ‘ Videogame Nation’ at Woodhorn Museum and Archives in January which traces the history of gaming in the UK since the seventies.

In January 2012 we built the projection spaces for Daria Martin’s show at MK Gallery. There are some more images of the finished spaces here.

Some images on the right show furniture designed and made by us for the Culture Lab.

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