Weeping Window at Woodhorn

We were asked to install the first touring version of the famous Weeping Window poppy installation by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper at Woodhorn in 2015. The new location idea was for the poppies to spill from the winding gear structure that happens to be a scheduled ancient monument with the same rating as Stonehenge, meaning this was an extremely sensitive task to undertake from a conservation point of view for both the 5 thousand ceramic poppies and the structure it had to attach to. Not only this but the original Weeping Window was only 7m tall. The new location would be installed from 20 metres high. We installed it section by section and poppy by poppy from a 20m boom and completed the install in 6 days. Look at the BBC report here. Also take a look at this great short film from 14-18 NOW.